Sunday, March 25, 2012

samoa beaches

Samoa Beaches: Clean And Relaxing

One thing about Samoa is the beauty of hanging around the beach. Just sitting there and feel the sea breeze is very relaxing. I love doing just that. Samoa beaches are very clean and surrounded by a crystal clear ocean. The wind always seems to blow at the right speed at all times. Sometimes, I wish a can afford to buy a place like it… I absolutely love it.

There are so many beautiful beaches in Samoa I just couldn’t name all of it. Beaches are all around the coast line of the Samoa Islands. There are still many beautiful places that separate from the villages if you are looking for privacy and quiet time. There will never be a time where all the Samoan beaches are occupied.

Another thing I love about Samoa Islands is easy to get around. You can hire a taxi to drive you around to places that interest you for the whole day. You can also rent a car and safely cruising around the Island. The roads are easy to get around with. There is a road all around each island, and some crossing in the middle for direct routes to your favorite destinations.

Samoan beaches are easy to have excess to it at any given time. The Samoan people are very friendly and very easy to approach. If you see a place that interests you, you can stop and hang around there. If someone approach you, then say hi and tell them you just want to hang around there if they don’t mind. When you leave, just say thank you and you move on. But most places, no one will ever approach you anyway. Just very few times that happened when some of the family members happen to pass by and want to make sure everything is ok.

There are also beaches that were built for guest. These beaches require you to pay a small fee to use it. It normally comes with a beach fale (Samoan Style Beach House) that you can use while you are staying there. You can also sleep over if you choose to do so. Beach Fales are very cheap compare to motels and hotels around the Islands. Most Tourists enjoy staying the Samoa beach fale, not only to save them money, but to experience the Samoan way of living.

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